The creativity classes are coming along!

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The creativity classes are coming along!

After my last post about feeling resistance to working on my classes, I managed to get moving on them again. While there are still videos to be recorded and handouts to be created, having the curriculum in place is a huge step forwards. I have 16 activities arranged in 5 sections at present, and while I am sure I will add to them, think they present an interesting selection of activities as they stand.

Now I have to overcome the fear of recording the classes to share them. It is a silly fear as I have been recorded teaching many times in the past, but this time I will be the videographer in addition to being the teacher. Somehow that feels rather more complicated as it takes me to a place I haven’t previously inhabited – beyond quick videos to show them to friends and family. Given the vast numbers of videos on YouTube and Vimeo it clearly isn’t a difficult thing to do, but the logistics are providing me with yet another reason to procrastinate.

The Format of the Classes

As I’ve looked at other classes there seem to be three main formats. One is the conventional sit and talk to the camera style. This seems to best suit chatty extroverts, but can lead to a lot of words, but limited content. I have enjoyed some classes like this, but I’ve also failed to complete others, even after speeding them up to 1 1/2 speed, as the concepts remain vague.

A related version is the camera over the hand or hands view, especially for art and craft projects. It may be combined with short ‘talk to the camera’ pieces, but tends to be more focused on the task, and the process of creating the piece. I think this format for classes has a lot of merit for the kind of classes I plan to teach.

The third style is essentially a PowerPoint presentation with the teacher speaking over the presentation and recording it. Sometimes there is an inset view of the speaker, but most of the teaching is done without sight of the teacher. These courses are often about technical activities, so lend themselves to a step by step explanation.

I had initially decided to take screen shots and then create a presentation, but have gradually come to the conclusion I need to show how to do the activities in real time. It may be that for some elements the activity in real time maybe only marginally less exciting than watching paint dry, so I may use a combination of real time and presentations… only time will tell!

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