The Benefits of Being Creative

The Benefits of Being Creative

The Benefits of Being Creative

If you’ve been following me on the Relax and Create Today Facebook page of late, you may have noticed I’ve shared a number of memes emphasizing the benefits of being creative. These range from improving our general sense of wellbeing to helping with mental health. It then dawned on me that I hadn’t actually spelled out the benefits of being creative on this site, so it is time to remedy that!

In 1998 some researchers called Ebersole and Hess came up with their list of the benefits of being creative. They included:

  • helping us bring balance and order our lives
  • giving us a sense of control over the outer world
  • helping us find something positive from our losses, a bad experience or anxiety
  • helping us maintain a sense of who we are
  • helping us to resolve our conflicts – both inner and outer
  • helping us make our thoughts and feelings clearer
  • giving us a sense of well-being and growth when we look back over what we have made


In addition to these benefits, other studies have found that people who create on a regular basis are usually healthier, need fewer meds, and are generally more sociable and optimistic than those who don’t create. Ruth Richards, a professor of psychology at Harvard Medical School, also found that being creative helps us become less defensive, more collaborative, observant, energetic – and braver.

These seem like a pretty good set of reasons to pull out your sewing or art supplies and get back to creating!

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