The 100 Day Project is underway!

100 day project

The 100 Day Project is underway!

The 100 Day Project is underway! While on some level the creative soul inside me pushes against being told to be creative, I also thrive on having some structure in my life. When I first learned about the new session, I decided to create art around being at the beach. I wanted enough latitude that if around day 47 I had created everything I could think of, I could move in another direction without going off topic. Even as recently as Monday I was still deliberating what form they would take. I created a series of watercolor backgrounds and some digital shapes, then began to cut out the shapes. It quickly dawned on me that it would make much more sense to scan the backgrounds and then create digital collages. So I did.

Last time round I diligently created my design every day, but knowing we have craft fairs (and taxes) to work on, decided to create a small pool of designs I can call on when life gets a bit too hectic to create in real time. Maybe it isn’t the intention of the project, but would prefer to create 100 pieces of art than adhere so rigorously to the rules I fall behind at the first hurdle and don’t create anything much. Creativity is like that, I find. I love to create things, and when circumstances are right, will quickly and easily fall into the zone of enjoying myself. Sadly it takes so little to stop me from getting into that mode…

The 100 Day Project

100 day projectI really do like the momentum of the The 100 Day Project. It is fun to add the work to Instagram and see who else has added their work. There is a lot of support, kindly encouragement and cheer leading, but we’re still at the ‘hey, how are you?’ phase of building those relationships. After going through critiques at college, I don’t willingly expose myself to criticism any more, but this feels like a safe place. You can follow my efforts daily on Instagram. It is also good in a weird way to know I ‘have’ to create something. It is so easy not to be creative. It is less messy not to get paints and glue and paper and scissors out, but there is something about the place we go when we are creative that makes the mess all worthwhile!

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