Spring Craft Fairs: Very Wet and Windy Weather was Included!

Spring Craft Fairs

Spring Craft Fairs: Very Wet and Windy Weather was Included!

Spring Craft FairsSince the middle of April, my daughter and I have been to many wet and windy spring craft fairs over eastern PA, with our greeting cards, gifts and decorations. It is always fun to see how people respond to our work, and also to get suggestions for new cards.

Spring Craft FairsIt was a singularly wet and windy spring in northeastern Pennsylvania, so we got a lot of experience in pulling tarps over the tables as fast as the skies turned grey and the clouds opened, and also hanging onto the tent whenever the wind became strong. (We also started obsessively checking the weather app on our phones to see if the wind was about to drop or change direction!) The large photo at top was taken at the spring craft fair in New Hope, and shows my blue rain jacket on my chair, ready to pull on at a moment’s notice.

It was our first spring craft fair season with this new tent, so had to allow extra setting up time to add the weights to the legs and attach anything to the ceiling before fully erecting the tent, as the walls were much taller than either of us! These photos were taken at a fair in Paoli, PA, where we found ourselves on a busy corner, right across from Wendy’s, so were constantly answering questions from passing drivers who wondered what we were doing!

Spring Craft Fairs We decide to try stringing lines around the tent to display the cards, and, apart from gusts of wind, hence my daughter hanging onto the rope in the photo to the right, it proved to be a good way for people to decide if they liked our styles. It ended up being a very successful fair, though we were both exhausted after two 14 hour days.





As is so often the case, people surprise us with their requests for cards. Our designs tend to skew feminine and floral, but people needed cards for men and for people who weren’t into  flowers. The requests were for a card with a motorbike to congratulate a new owner, cards with corgis, cards with cats, and more general ‘love’ cards. (Despite it being June, we had some Valentine’s cards that did well, but more variety was sought!)

These are the cards I created to fill these gaps:

So that was my spring!

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