Being in the same room with people and creating something together is a good thing.
Robin Williams

After I came up with class projects, I started to notice locations that seemed to offer a beautiful location, reasonable prices, and room to create. The idea is still bubbling around in my mind, and won’t let me drop it.

My mind keeps taking me back to coastal areas of England, but since I am based in the US north east, will probably start with a local retreat before taking my idea overseas. Look at the photo for a clue as to the location that is calling the loudest…


While I do my due diligence to ensure the locations and creative projects I’m considering would create a relaxing experience, I wanted to see what level of interest there might be in such a retreat, hence this page. I keep talking the ideas over with interested people and hope to go and scout locations later this year.

If you like the sound of a relaxing and creative retreat in England, please use the form below to let me know!

This is how things are working – at present!

  • IDEA!

    I curate a group of creative ideas I think people would find relaxing.


    How much more relaxing and creating could the classes be if a group formed to do them?


    What would be needed to provide ample alone time and together time?


    Where would be a peaceful, restoring and relaxing place to stay?


    Now I need to visit the locations I found to check them to see whether they would be a good fit.

Will this work for you?


    • Not everyone wants to share a room
    • Introverts need alone time
    • Wi-fi is a must, not an option
    • Beautiful surroundings for group or solo exploration
    • Places of interest nearby


    • Group creative activities each morning
    • Time for your own creative project – or relaxing each afternoon
    • Art supplies provided
    • Space to create alone or together
    • Communal kitchen space for cooking


    • All retreat locations are close to intriguing places to visit
    • All retreat locations are close to the sea
    • Expeditions can be carried out by the group or in smaller groups
    • Reading list about the surrounding area will be sent out ahead of time

  • FOOD

    • Since age and more specific diets go hand in hand, we will cook for ourselves
    • If there are cooks among the group we may arrange group meals
    • All properties have multiple stoves and refrigerators
    • Food shops are withing reach