Results or the Process?

Results or the Process?

Results or the Process?

Everyday we have to choose between getting results or enjoying the process. Much of the time we simply have to get things done, but when it comes to being creative, I feel we need to let the process take over, and be less concerned with the results.

It’s true. Society pushes us towards achieving quantifiable successes. It focuses on the sellability of end results and rewards speed in achieving them, and in doing so, tries to ignore the process or journey required for those of is who earn our living through creating. In aiming solely for the outcome, even ‘creative’ jobs can cause boredom and stress as the ideas, choice of materials, and high quality of work are not valued in the race towards getting making a profit and getting results.

Considering making the process more important than the result is much better for our wellbeing. We need time to explore materials and look into new techniques without time pressure, and to free from being made to imitate others to mimic their brand. Process is about experimenting with mixing, feeling, experimenting, and getting lost in the moments of creating. It is the act of creating something that is uniquely yours, and that should be the true value of the work.

What do you think?

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