Relax and Create – Today – Don’t wait to take care of yourself!

Relax and Create - Today

Relax and Create – Today – Don’t wait to take care of yourself!

Relax and Create – Today! Are you like me? You find something interesting online, instead of reading it and doing it, you save it for later… but later seldom comes? That is why I was so excited when In found this domain, “RelaxAndCreate.Today”, it said what I needed it to say – take care of yourself – now. I hope that you will take the time now, to look through the posts I’ve written and see if any of them resonate with you. If they do, leave a comment – or share them so others can see what you have read.

Relax and Create - TodayRelax and Create – Today! That also means finding an activity to do to help you relax. Check out the Projects page and see the many creative options available. Some are really quick to do, others will take a bit longer, but all need only things you probably have nearby:  a phone with a camera, pencil and paper, crayons or markers and scissors. Try some out and see if they can distract you from whatever is causing you to be stressed or anxious and help you to relax.

Relax and Create – Today! Maybe you need to dig in a bit deeper to get more relaxed and further away from whatever is making you tense? There is a downloadable page of doodles to color here or if you would like something meatier or with more options, I have created a number of coloring books you buy can download immediately, or have sent to you. I am in the process of creating some other activity books for those who want something that triggers their imagination or offers a new technique. I’ll post them on the page when they are available.

Relax and Create - TodayRelax and Create – Today! Perhaps you are someone who prefers to be guided through relaxing and creating? I am working on some relaxation audios for you, and have created a Spotify playlist of music to help you unwind. I am also creating classes that will initially happen in my home studio, but which I them hope to offer online. I am also looking at creating  some creative retreats, both in the US and in England, so watch this space for news.

Relax and Create – Today! Go and visit the Facebook page and help spread the word so others can join in. I would like to create a Facebook group for this community so readers can share what helps them relax and create. If that idea appeals, leave a comment on  the page so I know.

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