Overcoming Resistance


Overcoming Resistance

I am constantly coming up with new and creative, ideas, but struggle with overcoming resistance to get them fully realized. I have always felt a certain sympathy for Sisyphus, who, according to Greek mythology was condemned to push a rock up a hill, only to step aside once he got to the top, only to have it fall back down the hill again. Trying to get myself to complete all the more tedious (read left brained, sequential) tasks brings about the most intense resistance I know. This has meant that far too too many times I have got practically to the top of the ‘hill’ of bringing my idea into being, only to lose focus as I try to get through the boring part of task, get side tracked by a new idea and lose momentum on the first idea. Before long I realize all my progress has been lost as the project slid back down into oblivion.

This site sat for a year before I get the direction I wanted to take, then in the course of a day I had the site up, and by the end of the week the pages populated with ideas and projects. Before long I realized my next step was to create classes to explain what I was saying, and offer them in my home and online. Within moments of sending my monthly email explaining this next step, resistance appeared, and I’ve been battling it ever since.

I found a membership theme for creating classes, and got it wrangled into shape and the classes outlined. It didn’t have a way to process fees or protect the pages from prying eyes, however, so I set up software to do that. It required a security system in place or PayPal wouldn’t play nicely, so I organized that. It was two weeks in and the classes were still no closer to being prepped for prime time. I did however spontaneously create another coloring book and checked out Facebook groups for people creating online courses. so much for overcoming resistance!

In this group members were discussing a platform called “Teachable”, which a Udemy teacher had also mentioned as a platform she recommended, then an email arrived from a fellow graphic designer who said that they were about to move all their courses over to Teachable. The universe had clearly spoken so I checked out Teachable. It is a very user-friendly platform, but it becomes expensive once all the bells and whistles are added. I played with it briefly and waited for the ‘how to webinar’ to decide if it was something I wanted to consider.

In the interim I found another conversation that mentioned a WordPress plugin that was highly recommended. I quickly went down that rabbit warren and watched ‘how to’ videos that made it seem much like Teachable, but more affordable. I ditched the first theme and plugins, but the plugin just wouldn’t install. After chatting with the help desk it turned out my hosting company is using older software, so I eventually got that fixed. Once installed I found that the training videos from last summer were seriously out of date. It is now rather more utilitarian and it costs extra to integrate a payment system or an email system… so in reality it costs about the same as Teachable. I have effectively lost a week to tech decisions, chatting with help desks and testing and now need to seriously get down to overcoming resistance…

Overcoming Resistance

If you are still following me, you will notice that although my stated intention was to create courses, I did all kinds of related things instead. I still felt as though I was moving towards my goal, but in reality I had entered a maze that avoided doing what I intended. I listened to others on a similar path, I tried out different technologies, assessed the merits of them, and fought battles, but not one of those things created a lesson plan.

So I did what every ace procrastinator does and Googled a solution. This is the article I found, and instead of the soothing words of consolation I was seeking, was told to just get started. Of course I knew this, but it can be so hard to do! So this afternoon my task is to create my lesson plans for the lessons for the first course. It sounds so simple, but all of us who have battled overcoming resistance knows I am in for a fight!

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