New Prompts Added to the Site

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New Prompts Added to the Site

I have been busy working on the site this past week, in particular in adding creative prompts for you to try. I have also been tidying up the pages and adding and removing items that no longer make sense to me. Now when you visit the site, you will see a ‘Projects’ link in the menu that gives you some direct links, plus a drop down menu with categories of projects to try. I am still tidying up some of the sections, and hope to have them completed by early next week.

There are sections with photo, writing and drawing prompts, so depending on your mood these might be fun quick activities to try. They also shouldn’t require a lot of new tools and supplies, but I have created a few supplies links to items you might want. They lead to Amazon and so if you buy through the links, it will cost you no more, but I will make a small amount of money to help support this site. You are also free to buy your supplies wherever you wish!

So please go and explore the promps. Try ones you already know a bit about, then be brave and try ones that are less familiar!

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