Needing to create

Needing to create

Needing to create

As is so often this time of year, the need to create to make things to sell has tailed off, but I still feel the need to create! Needing To CreateThe more urgent tasks are to find homes for unsold pieces, catch up on cleaning after weeks on the road, and prepare the house for Christmas. Despite the worthiness of each of these tasks, all I actually want to do is sit down and make something new! As I uncover the geological layers of project supplies on my work table, the temptation is to stop tidying, pick up the paint, markers, scissors or paper and settle in to creating.

This doesn’t mean I need to make anything. I have plenty of Christmas options for sale in my Etsy shop, and have finished with selling at fairs this year, but the ache to make is still there… I have a notepad where I am scribbling down ideas that just won’t let go, and have already bookmarked a bunch of pages for one project that really excites me, but know I don’t have time to go down that particular rabbit hole – at least until after Christmas!

Needing To CreateI’ve tried to redirect my creative energies into cooking and cleaning, but although both are very worthy tasks, they simply don’t satisfying my need to create. Some people love to cook or clean, but for me they are necessary evils, never anything I ever want to do. After years of raising a family, I’m completely over cleaning, meal planning and cooking. I exhausted all my potential food creativity making Thomas the tank engine and My Little Pony birthday cakes. All that time I pushed my real creativity to one side – beyond knitting and sewing up a storm – but primarily for expediency rather than for creating original items.

The need to create is strong for me, but the struggle between being responsible and taking care of domestic tasks and creating is reaching breaking point. How do you balance responsibilities and creating? A reward system? Just do what feels good? Something in between?!

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