Moving towards creating classes

moving towards classes

Moving towards creating classes

As I think about creating classes, I have had to refine my ideas into coherent concepts that build on one another to create an immersive and satisfying experience. After the first pass through my notes, images and bookmarked ideas I found I had several distinct sets of classes… plus lots of ideas I’d hate to leave out, but which don’t have clear places to fit in.

It seemed that the best way to focus my thoughts would be to create a series of 6 classes that I could offer as a course I could initially offer to local arts workshops. Despite my best efforts, I couldn’t reduce my ideas into just 6 classes, but did remove some of the more impractical options! So far I have a series of lessons I think of as, “Art for the art phobic” – designed for anyone who thinks they aren’t good at art. This course uses techniques that are easy to do and bring beautiful results – no matter what your think is your level of artistic talent!

moving towards classesBeyond this idea, my courses would provide techniques for creating different backgrounds for art journaling pages, journaling prompts with a bit of art thrown in, printmaking techniques and lastly – for now – resist techniques. And there is still the hodgepodge of ideas which will become their own course without a theme!

As I continue to develop the classes for what will ultimately be the core concept for weekend and week long retreats, I find myself increasingly excited and inspired by what I’m doing. As I try out techniques to test their practicality and skill level, I find myself thinking, “would people really enjoy doing this?” It intrigues me to see how these courses are growing and developing far beyond my initial expectations. Clearly creating art classes, traveling and arranging retreats, is not a something that is going to go away any time soon, and I am delighted to know that.

So, if you happen to live in Delaware or Montgomery Counties in Pennsylvania, keep your eyes out for the result of my creating classes on MeetUp!

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