Monoprinting – print coffee filters to make colorful flowers


Monoprinting – print coffee filters to make colorful flowers

I just came across this monoprinting project video and thought it was a lovely idea for creating beautiful paper flowers.For those who aren’t familiar with the phrase “monoprinting”, it is where a print can only be made once from a layer of paint… although you will see the woman moving the paper around to maximize the coverage!

She is using a Gelli plate for the acrylic paint. Back in school you may have created a thick gelatin layer to use for creating prints. they are excellent for adding leaves of materials to create prints as the surface is soft. The downside is that you can’t reuse them more than a few times, as the same soft surface that makes them so great aso begins to break down with use. Gelli plates are a modern equivalent of the old school gelatin plates. They are made of a synthetic material, but it is still soft (ish), but more importantly, it can be washed and reused repeatedly without breaking down like gelatin.

MonoprintingTo apply the acrylic paint, she is using a tool called a breyer. It is essentially a small roller on a handle, and it can be used for spreading an even thickness layer of paint across the surface so you get a good print. Most printing techniques use a breyer for this, so it makes a good purchase if you think you will be doing some printmaking. The Gelli plate can be bought here, acrylic paints here, and the breyer here.

Monprinting is a great way to get started with creating designs you can duplicate. These Gelli sheets allow you to repeat stencils, or paint mixtures, or by adding leaves or other flat materials to the surface before taking your print. You can also transfer a design to the modern equivalent of lino, carving rubber. It is much softer to carve, so you can quickly create a stamp to use as you wish. As a starting point for creating art, monoprinting is a great entry point!



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