Mindfulness and Creativity


Mindfulness and Creativity

Sometimes the same idea comes to you from multiple directions, and this week it was ‘mindfulness and creativity’. I have been playing with the idea of relaxing and creating since before I began this site, but slowly the concept is evolving again. Mindfulness is defined as “a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique.” So being mindful is not only a good way to relax and just focus on the moment, but it is also found in the process of creating.

While thinking about mindfulness and creativity may sound like philosophical naval gazing, it feels important for me to grasp the concept so that what I offer is relevant and helpful. I began by adding ‘creative prompts’ for writing, drawing, and photography but wasn’t quite sure how to encourage visitors to interact with them. Now i have understood that the mindfulness portion need to precede the action, i need to rethink that section. I also created some new, more mindfully involved coloring books, but now need to revise them so the mindfulness aspect is clearer. I also started planning some classes, but again, they were more action-focused than mindfulness focused.

mindfulness and creativityThis pivot towards mindfulness and creativity doesn’t mean that I am going all woo-woo on you! My goal remains to offer you ideas to help you relax and create, but want to help with both parts. I can readily generate projects to teach different creative skills, but felt I was not helping very much with the relaxing part. It was more a sideline, a separate idea. My hope is that by bringing mindfulness into the equation, it will make it easier to relax and enjoy being creative.

In amongst the  mindfulness and creativity ideas I have been exploring are ways to overcome the inner critic who loves to sabotage us when we begin to create, to even further reduce any judgment of our work. There are plenty of sites for those who want to learn how to paint or make something, and I want this site to be different. I’d like it to be a peaceful place to come when you feel frazzled, and find a gentle activity that can help you unwind – and hopefully be pleasantly surprised by what you create in the process.

Watch this space as I delve further into the idea of mindfulness and creativity – and see what changes I make!

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