Mindful Coloring the New Coloring Trend for Adults

Mindful Coloring the New Coloring Trend for Adults

We have all heard about the phenomenon of adult coloring books, but now we have moved into the realm of mindful coloring. After the initial surge of coloring books with childlike scenes, many adults realized they wanted a bit more from their coloring time. This has lead to new coloring books that are designed to help the colorer lose themselves in the process, get into a the state of flow where time and place fade away. When they return, they feel more relaxed, more centered, and less anxious and stressed.

Mindful Coloring

The new mindful coloring books don’t have pictures of TV characters or popular images, but they do have pages offering a variety of patterns of different complexities to color. The colorer looks at the pattern and decides just what they see in it, and how they want to color it. It may be that a sense of order is required, so filling in each similar space in the same color is calming and therapeutic. It may be that the colorer sees an image within the pattern, and brings that out – there are absolutely no rules about how to use the patterns. They are judgment free pages, intended only to bring calm and mindfulness to the colorer.

I have recently created a mindful coloring book for visitors to this site. About 18 months I created flower and mandala coloring books, and they sold well. Many asked if I would create more intricate designs for them, and finally I have done so. The physical book will soon be available on Amazon, but until then I have the downloadable version available for sale here. If you are intrigued by the idea of mindful coloring, I encourage you to follow the link, as you will be able to see some sample pages there. The book does contain four new mandala designs, as I also find coloring them to be a very mindful practice.

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