Letting the 100 Day Project Go: Why It Is OK to Say Farewell

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Letting the 100 Day Project Go: Why It Is OK to Say Farewell

If any of you have been following my 100 day project posts on Instagram you might have noticed they came to an abrupt end in early June. As a rule I try to work through to the end of anything I commit to, but once I realized I was no longer feeling creative, or enjoying the process, I decided to end that project early. I tried to work out why this happened so I can try to avoid these issues in the future, and here are some of my reasons:

♦ I knew I had several craft fairs to prep for and attend, so creating the art became just another task each day

♦ I found it increasingly difficult to come up with new vignettes, so started using text to tell the story instead of creating better collages

♦ I didn’t plan to include any people, but found it hard to create beach scenarios without any people in them

♦ I had planned to use a seagull to speak for me, but he was becoming omnipresent!

♦ Once I started to create multiple images and then simply upload them for several days at a time, I lost contact with why I was doing this project

♦ The project became a chore, not a creative outlet

♦ I found myself resenting the hour plus it took to go through my Instagram feed each day, liking and commenting on other people’s art, without much reciprocal response

I usually encourage you to start creating, but this is my encouragement to you to stop doing a creative project if it is causing you more stress than pleasure.Being creative is a way to relax and find a calm spot, so if it is no longer doing that, move on to something that does work for you. So this why I walked away from the 100 day project and said farewell to it!

Here are a few of the final images:

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