InspirationI have noticed over the years that whenever you most want to find inspiration, it will invariably run away and hide from you. When you are engaged in doing something else – like getting engrossed in the logistics of launching an online course – inspiration chooses to silently creep up and tap you on your shoulder. I planned to get the course videos made and uploaded this week, along with supporting documents and files for students to download, but instead I was waylaid – by inspiration!

While I was rebooting my iMac for seemingly the hundredth time this week, I decided it was time to walk away and leave it to go through its complete start up routine without my ‘help’. I looked over at the projects I am working on in anticipation of the upcoming spring craft fair season. As I looked at the pieces of paper on the table in front of me, I felt discouraged. There was nothing wrong with the gift tags or the bookmarks lying there, but they just didn’t make me feel excited to finish making them. They – like me – lacked inspiration.

I meandered over to my aging MacBook to see if any new emails had arrived. New in my inbox was an email about an online class in collaged books. The class was due to start imminently, so I settled down to watch while my iMac continued to struggle to start up files. The online presenter made a sweet little book for a fictitious woman who had been a Girl Scout in her youth to demonstrate some collaging techniques. While there was nothing particularly new in the ideas being presented, in passing she mentioned that she often gave such books to friends to mark birthdays or life events. That was when inspiration struck!


InspirationSeeing the collaged books made me realize I could make collaged cards instead, and they would be a great new direction! When I was tidying up my work space after the Christmas fairs, I found and put a lot of scrap paper into a pile. These pieces were too small for a new project, and yet too big to recycle – but they are perfect for using as the basis of some collages. In those idle moments while I waited for my computer to reboot, inspiration came in and tapped me on the shoulder.

As is my wont, I looked on Etsy to see if anyone else had created something like this and whether they were able to sell them. To my surprise I found someone doing something in a mechanically similar way, but inside they were short stories with small glued on illustrations. To add to my excitement, they are actively selling for $30 each…

I would love to conclude this post about my unexpected moment of inspiration by telling you my iMac has now fully recovered. Sadly it is still closing Photoshop about 3 minutes after I’ve opened the app, so something is amiss that is beyond rectification through rebooting. Oh that the Genius Bar still scheduled appointments, but as they don’t I will have to spend the waiting time visualizing my collaged greeting cards instead.

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