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Creative Projects

Need something to relax with right now? Head here to download a variety of coloring pages and books. Something meatier? Head here for creative prompts and activities.


Creative Classes

Some of us learn better by seeing how to do something, and then doing it ourselves. I hold frequent small classes in my home studio and the same classes will also shortly be available online.


Creative Retreats

It is always good to take time to relax and create. Sometimes that requires retreating from the everyday and taking time to do just that is beautiful, inspiring surroundings.


Coloring Books


Creative Projects


Creative Classes


Retreat Possibilities

Time to get started!

You (will soon) have plenty of options from a brief guided relaxation to help you get calm, to downloading some coloring pages, to using a prompt to get you started on a quick creative activity.


If you prefer to watch and see how to get started on a quick creative project, then you will soon be able to do that too. If you like to spend time learning in person, and live in the greater Philadelphia area, come and work with me in July 2017. If you are a planner, there will soon be several retreat options – on both sides of the Atlantic – for relaxing and creating.


Just start to relax and create – today!

by the sea coloring pages







Downloadable Coloring Books

Sometimes you don’t have much time to relax or create. You can buy books and immediately print pages to color – at any time of the day or night!

Printed Coloring Books

It is always good to have things to do to help you relax on hand. All my coloring books can be purchased as books to have on hand when you have a few minutes to relax. The topics are varied from doodled everyday items to mandalas created from seashore shapes!

Creative Prompts

If you don’t feel like coloring, how about using your phone to take a photo, a quick drawing, or some focused writing? I have a number of ideas for you to try, no matter your mood or what you have on hand to use!

Step-by-step Creative Projects

When time is limited, trying to decide what to make can lose you valuable minutes. Look through the projects – the use paper, scissors and glue – and see what you fancy making. They are separated into categories to save you even more time!

Classes in person and online

People learn in different ways, and spending time trying to figure out how to do something can be a time waster – and stressful! To help show you some fun and easy ways to create art I have made some videos, and also teach the classes in person in my home studio.

Retreats to Help You Relax and Create

A change of location and scenery can really help us relax. Add into the mix a chance to sleep away, some fun creative activities, and good company, and the opportunities to relax are enormous. Some retreats are short, just a weekend, others last for a week. Whatever your available time for ‘you’ time, there is a retreat to fit.