Getting around your inner critic

Getting around your inner critic

Getting around your inner critic

If you feel that your inner critic is has too much say whenever you want to create, have you ever wondered why? Perhaps your inner critic is just scared of failing, so attacks you to make sure you can’t fail?

To test this idea, try listening to your inner critic to see what she is saying. Do any of these statements resonate with you?

  • You have more important things to be doing, being creative doesn’t pay the bills!
  • You start out well, but watch out because it always ends up a mess.
  • That is awful.
  • You’re just copying other people.
  • If you didn’t have YouTube you wouldn’t know how to make anything!
  • Who do you think you are? You certainly aren’t an artist!


Instead of letting your inner critic boss you around, write down all the things she says. Leave a few lines between each one. Don’t leave any of them out, no matter how mean-spirited or childish they sound.

Getting around your inner critic

Now read over her criticisms and try to understand where she is coming from. Does she sound like a scared child, or an overprotective parent? Or both! Can you feel compassion for her, because if so, she will become less vocal!

Now go back and in the spaces, write your responses to each one of them. Keep your responses positive, such as:

  • What I make may not be exhibition-worthy, but it is still enjoyable to do.
  • Even if I do mess up, I will use it as a creative opportunity.
  • Being creative is good for me, no matter the results.
  • I create in my own way and take inspiration from different places.
  • I am willing to fail – that is what the recycling bin is for!


Keep your list of answers handy for the next time your inner critic comes around!

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