Creativity classes are being created!

Creativity classes

Creativity classes are being created!

Creativity classes are being created! I want the classes to be interesting and creative and enjoyable for you, so am wondering which of many ideas to use and how to present them in an interesting but non-stressful way! Teaching 5 year olds was so much easier – I just provided paint, easels, and aprons, and the children provided the ideas. Sadly, as adults, we need a little more help to be creative enough to be able to zone out and become calm.

I am still trying to decide so many factors – do people want photos and lists for instructions or videos – or both? How many classes should I release at any time so as not to add to the sense of overwhelm of my visitors? While wrangling the software for the site was a frustrating task, at least tech decisions tend to be binary – does this work? Yes or No. If yes, do this, if no, do that. People are rather more complicated. One day they prefer lots of options, the next they want simplicity and minimalism. With the ability to have choices comes the weight of working through many options.

Creativity Classes

Creativity classesSo what will the creativity classes be like? My goal is to make them really easy to get into – and they require absolutely no special drawing skills – unless drawing a straight line with a ruler counts! The first lesson in each section is designed to get your creative juices flowing, with a quick and easy project. The second lesson is the main project. To keep stress and anxiety at bay, there are no time requirements for how long to spend on the activities – and certainly no exams or tests!

My intention is that you go into the lessons one by one. If there is something to download, download it and print it out. There will also be a list of supplies needed to complete the lessons, but you probably have them available already. The activities build on one another, but it is also possible to jump in and out of the activities as you wish. Maybe to begin with you only have time and energy to do the quick activities. in that case do those. All the lessons from the initial course will be available at the same so you can do just the things you feel like doing.

What will they cost? I am still coming to that decision! Maybe I will limit access to six months so you have a little pressure to get on with them before they go away. Maybe it will be on a monthly basis, with new lessons added to the roster each month. Until I have the first batch of lessons ready to launch, I have many more decisions to make before I can answer that question with any precision. The site is still being tested and isn’t ready for prime time – but you will be the first to know when it is!

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