Creativity and Mindfulness – How You think Matters

creativity and mindfulness

Creativity and Mindfulness – How You think Matters

creativity and mindfulnessCreativity and mindfulness were much on my mind as I worked towards get the calming coloring book approved for printing. I would obligingly change any page with a warning on it then re-upload it, only to see the final book looking increasingly blurry and murky. For two days I worked to get the files crisp, clean, and to a size the printers wanted. Slowly I realized I had spent longer on this technical part of creating the book than I had in creating the art itself.

The time taken to create the art had flown by. I’m not sure how long it took, but recall coming down on two separate mornings and being eager to get back to work on the designs. Creativity and mindfulness really do go together hand in hand; when I was enjoying the creative process, time flew by. I was in the ‘zone’, unaware of anything but what I was doing at that moment.

When it came to the technical side there wasn’t much creativity involved. It was a technical process of uploading, evaluations and requests for changes. The software kept telling me that something was wrong on two specific pages, so I went in and altered them then re-uploaded the file. Several times. When I checked the digital version of the book, pages that had earlier been deemed to be OK were also getting change warnings. I felt defeated.

Creativity and Mindfulness

The next day I decided to turn this rather tedious process into a game. I suspected the many adaptions to the uploaded file were causing the problems, so went back and opened all my original design files. I decided to treat each file in exactly the same way as the others. When the pictures all looked crisp and clean, I created a brand new book file and uploaded it. The software declared to to be acceptable. I don’t know how long it took me to rework the files, but because it felt as though I had found a more creative way of solving the problem, it became easier to deal with. I had turned it into a game – which I ultimately ‘won’. The book is going to be printed shortly – but the files can already be purchased and printed at home.

Sometimes it is not that we aren’t finding our creativity, but that we are seeing a situation as fundamentally uncreative, as so it starts to feel heavy and onerous instead of peaceful. A subtle change of attitude can turn a situation around and bring about creativity and mindfulness. The task gets finished and we feel better about what we’ve done.

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