Created to create

created to create

Created to create

created to createYou were created to create! It always saddens me to hear people say they just aren’t creative, as it seems they are denying an important part of who they are. I certainly accept that most of us will never paint like Monet, compose like Mozart, or dance like… Margot Fonteyn  – I just had to keep the M’s going – but most of us have to find creative solutions to life’s drama’s and upsets pretty much every day. When the traffic is at a standstill you pull out your phone to find a way around it, or check an app to see if it is a big delay or one that is causing a back up, but is on another route. When you run out of something you need to finish making dinner, you look around to see what you have you might use instead – or decide if it will be fine without that one thing.

Every day presents a series of small and large obstacles to move around, over, or under – or simply wait  for them to resolve themselves. In each circumstance we creatively look for solutions, weigh them up, then act on whichever seems the best option. It may not mean creating art in any form – unless you doodle while waiting or sing to calm yourself – but that doesn’t mean the results don’t call on creative thinking.

created to createWhen you were younger you probably didn’t feel you couldn’t create. When it came time to put on your apron and stand at the easel, you were instantly inspired to pick up those paint brushes and create a monster or a house. When dough was put in front of you, you dived in and started to work with it. No one had told you all the rules or what you had to make, you instinctively knew what to do.

I think when people say they aren’t creative they often mean they’ve not found an artistic outlet they enjoy, and that is perfectly valid. If I hadn’t been pushed to amuse myself on a transatlantic flight I might never have learned that it was safe to try watercolor paints. It took many years – and the fear of 8 hours of potential boredom – to place me where I had little option but try. I found wasn’t very good, but did come to enjoy learning about the way water behaves on thick paper and how a small amount of paint will flow and create patterns if you give it time.

So please stop telling yourself – and others – that you aren’t creative. If you’re dressed, fed and in the agreed upon location, you have already been forced to make a number of creative decisions. Now its time to find an artistic outlet you can enjoy – since you were created to create!

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