Craft Kits and Classes

Craft Kits and Classes

I’ve been a bit behind in posting here as we launched the craft kits and classes on Saturday. There is a curious crossover between the kits and the way they help people relax and create and my philosophy here. I even took some of my Relax and Create – Today books, and they sold quite well!

All the information about the kits and classes is now listed on another site, Leaves of Paper.  The kits are available through our shop, and if you live within the greater Philadelphia, PA area we will come and present a workshop and teach how to make one of the projects. I am also offering classes in my home studio, but again you need to be in the western suburbs of Philadelphia for this to be practical!

Large Paper Flower Kit

Large Paper Flower Kit

Make three paper flowers from card printed with one of my designs on it. You can make one huge flower and two smaller flowers from each kit, then use them to hang on your wall or as a table centerpiece.





Celestial Tote Bag Kit

Make a gorgeous diamond design on a tote bag, and while it dries make three coordinating pom poms to attach to the handle.


Celestial Diorama Kit

This is the quickest and easiest of all the kits to make! Create a sweet little circular diorama for your wall – then a few more to keep it company!






Celestial Garland Kit

The origami stars are made for you. You simply have to thread them onto the twine and make simple knots to stop the stars from sliding around. Decorate your bed, mirror or doorway with the resulting garland!



Celestial Greeting Cards Kit

These cards have you create a dark blue-black sky, then using a white gouache pen, add swirls of gas, stars, and anything else you wish over the sky. Trim off the excess paper so your skies cover to the edges and send them to a friend! (Makes six 5″ x 7″ cards.)




Have fun relaxing and creating with one of these kits. Next month projects will be getting more spa-like as we celebrate all the mother figures in our lives!

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