Butterfly Arts and Crafts: A Beautiful Way to Start Creating

butterfly arts and crafts

Butterfly Arts and Crafts: A Beautiful Way to Start Creating

Of all the shapes from nature that are easy to use to create art, butterfly arts and crafts are amongst the easiest! Not only do they symbolize transformation, which is a concept many of us can identity with, but they are incredibly beautiful!

Butterfly Arts and CraftsBecause of their ethereal quality, butterflies make a lovely accent to anything you might feel like making, from a journal page to a mobile. The mixed media you see to the left has a layer of old paper, some old handwriting, and some old advertising art at he base, then four beautiful cut our images of moths or butterflies added on the top layer. I suspect this page was created digitally, given the faded quality of the layers, but it could also be created as a physical page. If you search for “public domain butterflies” you will be sure the images you find are free for reuse.

butterfly arts and craftsIf you aren’t in the mood to make anything right now, I’ve found that peacefully meandering around Pinterest seeking inspiration can be very calming. I created this board of all kinds of butterfly art and inspiration. Feel free to re-pin any projects you think you might like to try some day!

butterfly arts and craftsEven if you don’t think your appreciation for butterfly arts and crafts would stretch to creating a wire sculpture like the one on the left, there are other easier places to start. Perhaps you could find a way to use punched butterfly cut outs like these?butterfly arts and crafts

There are many sources of butterfly arts and crafts projects available online if the idea has caught your imagination. Just don’t forget to crack out the butterfly paper punch, scissors and glue and see what you can do!


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