As a lifelong creative and teacher I have coached many people so they can move forwards with creating, by finding ways to ignore the inner critic, find new creative outlets, and make time to create -so you can relax more! Please use the button below to schedule a complimentary initial chat or a full coaching session:

Design Books

The public desire for coloring books has subsided somewhat, to be replaced with books about relaxing and being mindful. I started creating coloring books in 2015, so still have the files available, and am pleasantly surprised by my forethought to include mention of the relaxing qualities of coloring.


Since I created my first books I have added a book for people wanted to start a daily journaling practice, but don't know how. My book has beautiful photos in it to give you starting places for getting your thoughts down on paper. I have since added two gratitude journals and am working on a book about creating mandalas.


Follow this link to see what I have created. Almost all the books are available as downloads for immediate printing or as physical books that can be mailed to you.

Spring Craft Fairs

Teach Classes

I will soon be announcing the new Relax and Create classes through MeetUp.com, but these are far from my first classes!


Initially I taught in elementary schools in England, but found that my credentials weren't accepted in the US. Having two daughters I soon got caught up in school activities, from the "Art Smart" program in Florida and then Girl Scout troops. None of my scouts moved on without a full set of creative and arts badges!


Since then I have taught whenever requested! It has taken a change of direction to realize that teaching adults is my real love, so am getting ready to present my creativity classes!

Graphic Design

Some describe it as my midlife crisis, but I prefer to think of it as my midlife career change! I had been trying to learn professional design software, but for some time, but the small courses I found only served to show how little I knew.


I decided to go back to school, and since I was in Philadelphia, applied to the University of Pennsylvania, and was delighted to be admitted. I graduated with my masters degree a few years later - only to discover that age was more important than skills - it was a bitter disappointment.


A professor suggested I start my own business, so I did! It has been an interesting journey, and so has the process of bidding for work and working with a wide variety of people. As this creative project has been growing, my time for design work has diminished, but still love to create print and web designs. Visit my site here.

Create Art

Like so many of you, I always loved art classes in elementary school. The excitement that paint, markers and paper could incite was enormous! By the serious, exam-initiating part of secondary school my love of paper crafts and ceramics were strong, but I had no concept of how to draw perspective. Immediately I was told I was no good, and the doors to the art studio were closed to me.


The shame and fear of this banishment has stayed with me for decades. Even though I was successful in my sideways moves to enameling and metalwork, then pattern cutting and clothing design, I felt I wasn't to consider myself to be an artist.


A few years ago I came across an online watercolor course, where all I had to do was add water and paint to a grid. I tentatively tried the technique and loved it. Encouraged by this success, I took on the 100 day challenge in 2015, where I resolved to paint 100 watercolor flowers.


Granted many of my paintings were less than stellar, but it did break down the negative image I had of myself as an artist. Encouraged by that I applied to a local art school for a place in a juried art fair. To my surprise I was accepted, and then had to create a full range of art pieces around my concept.


I am well aware that I am not a great artist, but have learned to show my work, and that it appeals to some people! You can view my site here, and my Etsy shop here.

Create Greeting Cards and Gifts

Before I started creating art, I was most comfortable creating digital graphics. As a result I began creating greeting cards, paper decorations, and gift items that have sold well at craft fairs in the Philadelphia area. My daughter has added origami art to the items we sell.


You can see some of my items on our site, or in our Etsy shop.

When it is working, you completely go into another place, you’re tapping into things that are totally universal, completely beyond your ego and your own self. That’s what it’s all about.

Keith Haring

Who am I? I am an anxiety-prone creative!


It has slowly dawned on me that my way of dealing with stress is to keep my hands (and monkey brain) busy so the useful part my of my brain can process the problem or situation.


Whenever I've lost sight of this process, stress has mounted up to dangerous levels. The hardest times have been the times I've been so busy that taking time to create was outweighed by time I could be sleeping... except because I was stressed I wasn't sleeping well. Instead I was lying awake worrying.


If I'd taken the time to sit and color or doodle, I'd have started to find ways to solve the problem - or at least lay it to rest so I could also rest.

GL 10-17

Gillian Lancaster

I've always loved to design and create things. From an early age I found peace and joy in scribbling, sewing, sticking, and finding "How do I?" solutions.


Along the way I've been a music teacher, choral musician, and graphic designer. I've learned how to organize large scale trips for many people, and organize and run events that I'm also participating in... even down to duct taping wobbly staging in a long black dress minutes before a concert!


This site is about some of the creative the things that have helped me, in the hope that they will save you time and worry, and get you quickly back into relaxing and creating.

Sometimes it's important to work for that pot of gold. But other times it's essential to take time off and to make sure that your most important decision in the day simply consists of choosing which color to slide down the rainbow.

Douglas Pagels