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100 day challenge update – will you join in?

Now I am almost a quarter of the way through the 100 day challenge, I feel as though I am finally hitting my stride. As with so many creative endeavors, it takes repeated times of doing something for it to become clear what is actually being made. I thought I was creating little digital vignettes about life on the beach, but as I can’t draw people, there is a burgeoning mystery element appearing in the collages. I find myself asking why are there all the artifacts of time spent on the beach, but never a person in sight? Why does the seagull seem to be muscling in and starting to steal the show? As I post each days image I reflect on what is happening in the collage and ask questions – and people are replying!100 day project

Last time round I set myself the challenge to paint something each day. Some days it was really difficult to create anything I felt was worth publishing, but this digital collage 100 Day Challenge feels more flexible. I have a finite set of elements to select from – nearly 20 watercolor backgrounds and about 150 items to use – but each day a new story or scenario unfolds. I especially like the sunset on the water background you see to the left, and also like the underwater background that has appeared several times.

Doing this is also stretching my design skills. Elements have different angles and have to be aligned so they look naturally placed in the scene. I’ve also found myself being less eager to add special effects such as drop shadows and textures as they were becoming a bit of a  gimmick. I also find myself returning to elements again and again to try to capture the size, perspective and proportions better each time. And then there is  the seagull.

My daughter bought me a poster for Christmas with three cheeky seagulls on it, and the statement, “Homegrown by the sea” beneath it. It really resonates with me having been born by the sea and grown up on the coast, and I somehow knew seagulls would feature in my work this year. It seems this seagull is the first appearance, but surely won’t be the last!

100 Day Challenge

It isn’t too late to join in if you feel inspired. Simply sign up here, then start posting on Instagram and join in. People are already leaping ahead and falling behind, so there is no problem with joining in now. It really is a great way to get your creativity flowing by simply doing something every day. The Instagram community is wonderful – and very supportive and encouraging – so give it a shot!

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