It seems that stress is best eased by keeping the hands (and monkey brain) occupied so the more useful parts of the brain are freed to find a solution to the situation that is bringing stress. Ironically, it is the same stress that makes it hard to settle to anything remotely creative, so it can be hard to break the cycle.

If you are feeling intimidated by too many creative options, but know that creating will help you feel calmer, I have some ideas for you. There are a variety of coloring books to help you slide into creating if your emotional energy is low. If you like to be given a prompt, I’ve put together writing, drawing and photography prompts to try. There is also a journal with photo prompts to inspire you if you prefer to write  out what’s worrying you, and gratitude journals to help refocus your outlook to what is good about the world.

Sometimes even trying to decide what to do to relax isn’t easy. If it becomes an ongoing problem, I offer the coaching to help you refocus and bring the chatter and ego noise down to more manageable levels.