Stress is best relieved by keeping the hands (and monkey brain) occupied, so the useful part of the brain is freed to  work on the problem or situation that is bringing stress.

Sometimes getting calm isn’t that easy, so meditation can be helpful to refocus the anxious mind and bring the chatter and ego noise down to more manageable levels.

Sometimes it is the echoes of past judgements that stop us from creating. If those voices are quiet, then our inner critic may decide it is time to say their piece. Over and over again.

This site is about the ideas and things that have helped me, in the hope that they will also help you become calmer and less fearful about creating.



Need something to relax with right now? Head here to buy a variety of coloring pages and books. You will also find a selection of journals if you prefer to write out your stress.

Need something meatier? Head here for creative prompts and activities.

Prefer to watch rather than read, go here for some videos.

If you are looking for something not yet available, please let me know.